BLESS for Group Leaders

After the beginning of the year, we will start a 6 week series on how we can share the life in Jesus with others. In our Groups, we will spend 8 weeks working this out.

As we share this concept with the church, we are not just looking to add another catchy phrase or to just fill 6 weeks of time with something to talk about. What we are wanting to accomplish on or Sunday meetings, as well as in our groups, is demystify the mission that we are on. We want to give the church new language about how we can live out the call to share the gospel.


Here is a rough outline:

  • Week 1 (Week of January 7th)
    Mobilize Weekend. We will have a one off sermon that is not tied to this series, but we will begin talking with our groups this week.
  • Week 2 (Week of January 14th)
    First Sermon: The Mission of Jesus – Begin devotional as a church.
  • Week 3 (Week of January 21st)
    Second Sermon: Prayer
  • Week 4 (Week of January 28th)
    Third Sermon: Listen
  • Week 5 (Week of February 4th)
    Fourth Sermon: Eat
  • Week 6 (Week of February 11th)
    Fifth Sermon: Serve
  • Week 7 (Week of February 18th)
    Sixth Sermon: Story
  • Week 8 (Week of February 25th)
    Begin new series but let the groups have one more week to talk about how they can continue growing in their mission.

How to use the Devotional and Group Leader Guide

Please note that the Devotional and Leaders Guide run for different lengths of time. We are wrapping our series with a week at each end in our small groups. Week 1 in the devotional is not the same as week 1 in the leader’s guide.

As group leaders, we are asking you to help the church really embrace the Mission of Jesus. Please take this as your own. Personally utilize the devotional as we go through his series and encourage your groups to do so as well. There will be printed booklets available on the week of the 8th. We ask that you pass these along to your groups on the first week. They will also be made available on the week of the 14th in our meeting.


To help reinforce BLESS, we will also be making a bookmark available to the church throughout the sermon series. We will be encouraging people to take these home, put them on their fridge, dashboard, journal, etc. This will help us to keep BLESS in mind for the months to come.

Please make yourselves familiar with the following
BLESS Devotional Guide
BLESS Group Leader Guide

Listening to other talks
We are extremely encouraged by other churches in our family that have been using the BLESS model to help their churches find and embrace the Mission of Jesus. Both Jubilee STL and New Community Church in Tacoma have been exploring how they can use BLESS to make the mission more accessible to everyone in the church, but also to help shape a missional language that can influence all of what they do as a church.

Please take some time to listen to these talks. They are shaping much of what we will be doing over the next few weeks and months to come.

BLESS – Genesis 12:2-3
Jesus’ Example
Begin with prayer

Thank you for serving Grace Church!

Be ready to hear stories!