In Him: Colossians

Have you ever felt like there was more to a relationship with Jesus than what you are experiencing?

This Summer we will be spending time in the Book of Colossians. This letter is one of the most important letters that Paul wrote.  In these 4 short chapters, Paul lays out His master work.  His life’s work simplified and refined to a point of beauty.  At the end of Paul’s days it had all become clear: Christ was the only Hope for the world, and He was winning.

This letter serves as a field guide for members of God’s New Creation in the city of Colossae.  As newly minted exiles and sojourners in a land they once called home, Paul writes this letter to encourage people, that once lived lives far from God, to “deeply root” themselves in the only thing that matters.  Paul reminds then in a very troubling time to continue to find their Identity, Security, and Hope in the Author, Head, and Purpose of New Creation.

Listen to the Series

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If you would like to find ways to dig in to the Book of Colossians personally, we recommend the following resources.


The following is a pretty good overview of the Book…



Journaling through a book of the bible can be a great way to get a better understanding and allow Jesus to speak to you.















The following books are great helps in digging a bit deeper. The first is a devotional, the second is a commentary.


Colossians is full for rich poetry and worshipful prose.  This youtube playlist can help you meditate on the themes in the book.

Better yet, make your own and share it with the church.