Who We Are

We are a group of people who love God and believe that He has called us to live together in our community as a local church.

Grace Church is part of a larger family called Confluence. Through Confluence, we are united to a family of churches who benefit from biblical apostolic leadership and do greater things together than we could ever do apart. Click here to learn more about Confluence.

Here are some helpful video’s on who Confluence is and what we’re about:

Through Confluence, we are linked to Newfrontiers, a worldwide group of over eight hundred churches in more than sixty nations.  We are on a mission together, aiming to restore the church, make disciples, and train leaders to reach the nations through local churches.

Our Values

1.  Worship:  Our primary focus is God, and worship places God in the center of our lives.

2.  Grace:  Grace is God pouring out His love on undeserving humanity. We find our identity and motivation for serving God through an understanding of what He has done for us, not what we can do.  As we have received grace, we extend grace to all others.

3.   Prayer:  Jesus demonstrated His dependence on the Father by seeking Him on a regular basis. We realize we are also completely dependent on the Father in all things, in our individual lives, small group settings, and corporate meetings.

4.  Holy Spirit, His Presence, And His Work:  We believe that we are completely dependent on God’s initiative to live out the mission He has for us.  Therefore, we value God’s presence and work through His Spirit – to guide us, and to help us participate together in His mission.

5.  Bible:  We believe the Bible is God’s Word and is the foundation for all of life; therefore, it must be taught for the healthy development of the community.

6.  People:  From the beginning of time, God has placed the highest value on people.  We see this from creation to Jesus’ death and resurrection.  As a result, we want to regard all people as having the highest value.

7.  Friendships:  Relationships are central to our life together.  Therefore, we try to develop friendships by sharing our lives together, with genuine concern to see each other grow in God.

8.  Community:  God has not called us to live alone.  We are a family on a mission, and our goal is to accomplish the mission with a sense of togetherness and unity.

9.  Team:  We see working in a team modeled in scripture; in the Trinity, the Disciples, and Paul and those he worked with, among others. We believe mutual accountability in all that we do is essential for the church to function. The church is to be led by a team, not one man.

10. Creativity: We value creativity because God is a creative God. In today’s rapidly changing world, forms and methods must be continually evaluated and, if necessary, altered to fit new conditions. We encourage creativity and innovation, flexibility and adaptability as means of communicating and implementing new forms and methods more effectively. We are a permission-giving community that allows for creative ways to fulfill our mission and values.