What is Advent about?

Every year people all over the world celebrate and commemorate history’s most famous birth. In a small town called Bethlehem over 2000 years ago a young woman gave birth to a child that would change the world.

His birth was talked about hundreds of years before, by prophets in the land of Israel who said a new king was coming that would change everything. Angels appeared to shepherds in a field not far away. Travelers found themselves compelled to follow signs in the night sky to meet the child they believed would one day become king. All around Him amazing things were happening.

We hear the stories every year. Sometimes we find ourselves losing connection with these stories. The busy season relegates these stories to Christmas cards and speeches from small kids with blue blankets. We love the stories, but somehow they feel less personal. This is what Advent is about.

Advent is a season of preparation that precedes Christmas that has been celebrated by Christians for generations. In many traditions this often includes lighting candles, singing Christmas songs, Christmas trees with numbers on them, and retelling the stories. No matter how it is celebrated, its purpose is the same. This is a season of anticipation.

During this season we encourage you to look back at the birth of Jesus with fresh eyes. As we retell the stories of anticipation for His birth, we look forward in anticipation of His return. Join us as we learn to slow down, learn how to love others like Jesus does, and understand Just how much He loves us.

If you are looking for devotionals to help encounter Jesus in a new way this season, there are a few below that might be a good fit for you and your family.

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